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In an attempt to educate other’s about the positive benefits of using our services, we would be honored if you could record a short video testimonial regarding your experience working with us and how the Aron Regimen has changed you or your child’s life. 


Possibly mention the following things:


  1. Please discuss what your life was like before finding us:
    1. how long had your suffered
    2. what other treatments had your tried
    3. how you felt about your skin condition
    4. how bad was your skin in terms of what it looked like 
  2. Please discuss how you found Dr. Van Wagoner and EczemaSpecialist.com:
    1. what was it like working with us
    2. was the online process easy, efficient, and timely
    3. was Dr Van Wagoner  timely and professional in his treatment plan and instructions for you
    4. was the cost reasonable and fair for the quality of service provided
  3. Please discuss how you responded to the therapy:
    1. describe the freedom you have now with healthy skin
    2. what can you do now that you were not able to do before
    3. would you recommend our services to others with moderate to severe eczema  


Please consider recording a short video regarding these points.  Our goal is to reduce the suffering people experience with uncontrolled eczema.  We want to help them find the freedom of healthy skin like you have found.  Hopefully your words of encouragement will inspire others to use our services and find the relief they deserve. 


We sincerely appreciate your trust and efforts to help us in this endeavor. 


If you would like to help us and give us the authority to use your video online and in other promotional pubic spaces, please upload your video or record your video and submit below.

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