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The Aron Regimen has changed our lives in such a short time! Our son developed severe, head to toe eczema at 4 months. We saw at least 5 different doctors, did steroids (oral and topical), tried the natural route, took food out of his diet and he’d been on oral antibiotics no less then 8 times in less then 2 years! All to no avail. Our son was up all night, we slept in the recliner to hold down his arms and keep him from itching. The only clothing he wore were scratch sleeves and footed pjs. We spent all last summer in the house. This not only affected my husband and I, but our other three children...our whole family struggled because of this disease! I had started following the Aron Regimen on Facebook and was amazed at the results people were having! I messaged a couple of ladies from the page to ask their experiences and they encouraged me to try it. It has been the BEST decision we’ve made! Within two days, our son was sleeping through the night! That same week, he took a bath and actually cried when we wanted to take him out, versus the struggle to keep him in the bath before! He just had his second birthday and was able to wear clothes and not wear his scratch sleeves during the day! I cry tears of joy now when I watch him play, his personality has changed from frustration to goofiness and acting the way toddlers should! Our lives have changed for the better! Thank you again to Dr Van Wagoner for supporting families and bringing this treatment to the USA!
We are almost at the one year mark of using the Aron Regimen and if we could share one thing with parents whose children are suffering with eczema, it would be: "Stop wasting time with so-called 'remedies' that don't work and contact Dr. Van Wagoner!" Words cannot begin to describe the improvement in the quality of life of our little girl. This has been such a blessing to our [daughter] and to our family!
Jennifer P.
May 2020
Our son is thriving since beginning the Aron regimen. Before, he was clearly in pain/discomfort and not meeting milestones. After getting the relief from his treatment, he began to eat more thus gaining weight and meeting all his milestones. I 100% attribute the change to the Aron Regimen as it cleared his skin and the constant pain and itch have been gone since.
Allie M.
May 2019
Thanks to the Dr A regimen my daughter is able to enjoy life. We were quickly spiraling down a dark hole with depression not from just her but the whole family. Witnessing my daughter spiral into depression and my family being affected with the pain my daughter was experiencing was horrible. Thanks again to the regimen my daughter is progressing. We understand this is not a cure but a life long therapy. We have my daughter under control now and do have some ups or downs depending on the outside weather but we have more ups than downs. Thank you Dr Van Wagoner for helping my daughter.
Andrea C.
July 2018
The change in our 6 month old baby has been dramatic! Within a few hours on day 1 she was more comfortable and took a nap, and she has slept well most nights since (unheard of before) (nearly 3 weeks now). We were astonished. Over the following days, her skin cleared rapidly. We had no idea how badly her skin was affecting our little baby. She is a new child! We are just delighted and so relieved. She is experiencing a small flare at the moment, likely due to teething, so we will continue with the Aron Regimen under Dr Van Wagoner's guidance and we are confident it will continue to resolve. We were so impressed at the change in our baby that we have since started our toddler, who also has eczema, on the same regime, and all is going well so far. Highly recommended. Please note that i have given consent below to the testimonial language being used, but we do not want the photos to be used. Many thanks.
Elaine K. I.
May 2018
This therapy has been amazing for us!! Our newly adopted child was miserable with his eczema. He had weeping, bleeding areas, he wasn't sleeping well, he would want to come home from playing at the park after 10 minutes because he would just be in pain while trying to be physically active outside. People would ask about his skin because it looked so bad. One boy saw him at the park once and stared for awhile before sweetly asking "Is he okay?" with a look of sadness and concern on his face. His eczema was very disruptive and limiting, and of course we hated seeing him suffer. After just 2 weeks on the AR, MUCH has changed!! People in public don't look at him with pity or ask about his skin, he is sleeping through the night most nights, he is playing and running and jumping and is overall much much happier. We are SO THANKFUL to have found this therapy! Thank you Dr. Aron and Dr. Van Wagoner!!!
Christine W.
May 2018
Mackenzie’s self confidence still continues to grow daily because of what the Aron Regiment has done for her skin. She is much more social and now loves to go places with us. Before the AR, she would hide in the house all day, and if she had to go out, she would wear leggings, sweatshirts and tennis shoes. Never showed any part of her skin! I still smile when I see her wear a pair of shorts and flip flops!
Crystal B - Mother
May 2018
I have never seen my child look this good with such minimal care. He looks better than ever before. So much less itchy and happy.
Stacey H.
April 2018
I couldn't say enough about this regimen. Even though she's flaring up a little now (we just ran out of cream and I didn't do this consultation in time) she has improved so so much. No more itching and being miserable. Thank you so much Dr Aron and Dr VW Linda G. March 2018
Linda G.
March 2018
I thank God for your treatment and the hours spent coming up with a plan. My daughters skin is itch free and smooth for the first time in three years. Gwen C March 2018
Gwen C
March 2018
I am so thankful to have found this regimen! Words can not explain how much he has improved. My child sleeps at night for the first time in 7 years . His skin is healing more and more each day. Victoria H.-
Victoria H.
Yes, the Aron Regime has been a total godsend. Roland S. 3/2/18
Roland S.
March 2018
This treatment has given my son a sense of normalcy. It truly had given him his life back. Sallee R March 2018
Sallee R
March 2018

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