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Dear Interested Patient,

I am so glad you have decided to take your first step in finding lasting freedom from your eczema. I am excited to share with you what The Aron Regimen can do for you. Most of the patients that find me have searched for years to find the right and lasting answer to this horrible skin condition they suffer from. If you are like most other patients that use our services, you have been gripped by the stigma and the unending agony that your eczema brings. You have pled for a better way. You have searched for a ray of hope that would lead to healing. You have lived with this issue for so long that you can not remember a day that this condition did not cause you pause and pain. I have heard your pleas. I have seen your wounds. I have touched your skin. I have seen you suffer. I have held your hand. I have been moved by your struggle.

Some of you are worried and exhausted parents that have a young child that suffers endlessly from the never ending scratch and itch that plagues your child day and night. How horrific it must be to have a child suffer from this never ending condition. My heart goes out to these little children and their parents that are looking for a tincture of relief. Time and time again, I hear about the sleepless nights, the helpless pleas for relief, the bleeding sores, the endless creams, and the continued frustration with the traditional medical remedies that have fallen way short of providing relief. Your stories have led me to my knees as I pray for these tender children that suffer so unnecessarily.

As a practicing physician, I became frustrated in the limited benefit I was providing for my own patients with the traditional treatment strategies for patients with difficult to treat eczema. Many of these patients did not respond adequately to the higher and higher doses of topical steroids that I was prescribing. The search for the perfect moisturizer fell way short. The limited success of limited diets was also not the answer for many patients. Way too often I became concerned about the increasing number of oral steroids I was having to give to provide just a short term relief for these patients, only to see them again one month later in the same position as before- suffering evermore.

Years ago, in my attempt to find a better way for my patients, I found Dr. Richard Aron and learned of his different way of doing things. He had seen the same things I had seen- only he had seen this issue many years ago and did something about it. The development of The Aron Regimen spawned from his own frustration for a better way and his own drive to improve the lives of the patients he was so fortunate to take care of. His understanding about the basic issues about chronic eczema led him to the development of The Aron Regimen – a revolutionary treatment process that has brought so much freedom and relief to those with the most difficult to treat eczema. He shared his methods with me and has encouraged me to take on the cause of bringing this healing treatment to the world.

The Aron Regimen has positively changed the lives for so many patients over the years. The treatment is so simple in its components but so profound in its outcome. The freedom it has brought to my patients has touched my heart and encouraged me. As a result of my experience and success with The Aron Regimen in my own practice, my focus and perspective as a caring provider for these patients has been moved to a higher and deeper level. I have been moved to make a bigger difference with what I know and whom I may help. My passion has been ignited to take this therapy to as many patients as I can. It is truly a blessing from God that I have been given this opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of those that have eczema. There is no higher calling than to commit one’s life to the betterment of those in need. I welcome the challenge and look forward to helping you find the relief you so desperately deserve. Please allow me the privilege to hear about your story. Please allow me the privilege to take care of you or your child that suffers from this horrible but controllable condition. Please allow me the honor to hold your hand and show you the place where freedom can be found and where you can find the relief you so desperately deserve.

— Dr. John Van Wagoner

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