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The eczema journey can be difficult to navigate. Our mission at www.EczemaSpecialist.com is to ensure that you are equipped with the knowledge, products and easy-to-follow process to help alleviate the symptoms of eczema and promote healthier skin.

The Aron Regimen®

Developed by Dr. Richard Aron, the Aron Regimen® is a revolutionary treatment that is not only effective in the treatment of chronic eczema, but it is also a relatively safe and economical alternative to other stronger and more skin-damaging protocols.

Patient Success

Every note of gratitude and every enthusiastic client who shares a before and after picture of how The Aron Regimen® has changed their lives is a reminder of how blessed we are to be able to provide such an amazing treatment. View our success stories.

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Dr. John Van Wagoner

We're here to make a difference...

Dear Interested Patient, I am so glad you have decided to take your first step in finding lasting freedom from your eczema. I am excited to share with you what The Aron Regimen® can do for you. Most of the patients that find me have searched for years to find the right and lasting answer to this horrible skin condition they suffer from. If you are like most other patients that use our services, you have been gripped by the stigma and the unending agony that your eczema brings. You have pled for a better way.

A Message from Dr. Aron.

The Creator of the Revolutionary Aron Regimen® for Treating Severe Eczema


Begin Your Healing Journey today

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