“This treatment has given my son a sense of normalcy. It truly had given him his life back.”

– Sallee R.

“After over 3 months of watching my baby itch, scratch, ooze and bleed, this treatment all but stopped the itch overnight the first night! His skin started clearing within days and the improvement in his health and happiness has been amazing. I just regret not starting this sooner!”

– Miranda D.

“Yes, the Aron Regime has been a total godsend.”

– Roland S.

“This therapy is remarkable. My life is normal, I feel normal, and the occasional flare-ups are controlled easily with the compound. I’m so thankful for Dr. Van Wagoner and Dr. Aron and this functional method to aid in the healing of atopic dermatitis.”

– Elisa R.

“Thanks to the Dr A regimen my daughter is able to enjoy life…Thank you Dr Van Wagoner for helping my daughter.”

– Abigail C.

“I have never seen my child look this good with such minimal care. He looks better than ever before. So much less itchy and happy.”

– Stacey H.

“My legs have improved immensely! It has been an easy application process and I have seen great improvements.”

– Jennifer G.

“This therapy has been very good for my child we’ve had some setbacks but currently are having great results. Of equal or potentially greater importance is the excellent continuity of care that we receive with dr vw. Which we were not able to achieve with our regular provider. Incredibly greatful”

– Amber A.