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Dr. John Van Wagoner is our lead eczema doctor. He is passionate about bringing healing and freedom to those that suffer from eczema. He has been successfully treating patients with all forms of eczema for over 15 years. His experience as a Board Certified Allergist and Immunologist provides a very helpful basis of understanding for this condition that is driven by allergic and other immunological factors. Dr. Van Wagoner works in close association with Dr. Richard Aron to provide relief to those around the world who suffer from eczema.

He also has significant experience treating both pediatric and adult patients that have all forms of eczema and other allergic skin conditions. He is diligent about staying up to date on all the current research involving atopic eczema. He is knowledgeable about all the current treatment options that are effective for this persistent condition. Most importantly, he is compassionate about what he does and is driven to bring relief and healing to those that suffer from this terrible condition of eczema.

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