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There are three main hallmarks of severe atopic eczema. First, it is firmly established that atopic eczema is a chronic inflammatory skin disorder. Second, dry and damaged skin is a very common finding in eczema. Thirdly, it is also now widely established that up to 90-100% of patients with persistent atopic eczema are colonized with many bacteria, especially with Staph Aureus. Most experts believe that this chronic infection of the skin with Staph Aureus is one of many important exacerbating factors behind difficult to control eczema.

The Aron Regimen treatment program for severe eczema is specifically formulated to address all three of these noted features of atopic eczema. The Aron Regimen uses the combination of a hypoallergenic moisturizer, a topical antibiotic and a topical corticosteroid – all three applied together in a coordinated fashion under the direction of Dr. John Van Wagoner, Eczema Specialist. The frequency and duration of therapy is variable for every patient. Frequent online follow ups are necessary to customize and tailor the therapy to achieve and maintain control for our patients.

The prolonged use and frequent application of this specific formulation has been very effective, safe and economical for most of our patients with difficult to control eczema. It is successful, because it addresses the three main forces driving persistent atopic eczema – inflammation, dry skin and the chronic infection with Staph Aureus. The results we achieve with this combined strategy are impressive. This treatment program has been extremely effective for thousands of patients that have used The Aron Regimen in the past. Please review some of the testimonials that are shown in our website – they capture the spirit of why we are so passionate about The Aron Regimen and how it can bring freedom to those that suffer unnecessarily from difficult to control eczema. But it is extremely important that all patients understand that persistent eczema has a varied presentation and can be triggered by a host of differing variables that are difficult to identify, avoid and control. Complete resolution of eczema for all patients using The Aron Regimen cannot be guaranteed.

Safety is another important aspect when using The Aron Regimen. The potency of both the topical antibiotic and the topical steroid is reduced substantially by the diluting effect of combining these two ingredients with large amounts of the hypoallergenic moisturizer. Our treatment program also reduces the chance of steroid rebound or withdrawal, because our treatment program is not abruptly stopped but instead is weaned slowly over weeks or months. By achieving and then maintaining control, our treatment program will result in a better long term outcome for our patients, thus reducing the need for systemic oral steroids or antibiotics and reducing the complications seen by using more aggressive forms of therapy, many of which carry greater side effects and a lower likelihood of success.

The Aron Regimen therapy is also economical – all three of the ingredients are generally widely available throughout most of the world and can be purchased in a generic formulation, making it accessible and affordable for most patients.

Once significant improvement is achieved using The Aron Regimen medications, the number of applications is reduced slowly over weeks to achieve and maintain control. Because there is no cure for those with persistent eczema, our treatment program must be stepped down carefully under the direction of Dr. Van Wagoner to maintain control. For common questions regarding The Aron Regimen treatment, please visit our FAQ.

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