Many patients fail on traditional methods of eczema therapy and for many varied reasons. The main reasons patients fail on traditional methods are listed below:

Dr. Van Wagoner is an expert in the management of atopic dermatitis and provides a treatment method that addresses all of the above issues when helping his patients find lasting control of their or their child’s eczema.

Many patients are given an ill-suited topical steroid to treat the inflammation that is ever-present in patients with atopic dermatitis. Many patients are given a steroid that is too strong and some are given a steroid that is too weak. Dr. Van Wagoner and Dr. Aron have been treating patients with atopic dermatitis for over 20 years full time. In fact, we have probably seen more cases of atopic dermatitis than any other group of physicians in the world. Our years of hands-on experience give us the necessary expertise to recommend the most appropriate topical steroid for the given patient. We recommend a strength of topical steroid that will not only be safe to use the long term but will be effective when applied as directed.

Many patients are given a treatment that is missing a key element that is necessary to effectively treat most cases of atopic dermatitis. Most treatment regimens given out by dermatologists and primary care physicians involve the use of topical steroids only. This is usually ineffective because most, if not all, cases of chronic atopic dermatitis are influenced negatively by the ever-presence of a low-grade infection on the skin- typically Staph Aureus. This infection fosters an environment of enhanced inflammation, steroid resistance, and prolonged irritation in the skin. This is probably the main reason most traditional therapies do not provide sustained relief. Dr. Van Wagoner uses the Aron Regimen® which involves a treatment method that addresses the low-grade infection and thus eliminates and controls the infection that is typically present in patients with difficult to control eczema.

Most patients are given treatment instructions that involve a short burst of treatment applications to induce a short-lived resolution and then told to stop the therapy when the skin has improved. Unfortunately, this treatment advice is short-lived and ill-suited for almost all cases of childhood and adult forms of eczema. Eczema or atopic dermatitis is a genetically inherited condition that is not solely a one-time problem. It is a chronic condition that has no cure. It requires a treatment approach that appreciates this fact. Dr. Van Wagoner recognizes this and knows full well that patients with atopic dermatitis need to use a treatment strategy that is meant to work for the long run. His treatment advice involves using a strategy that will induce a quick improvement and then a tapering process that will control the problem. Typically, once control is achieved, the treatment is not discontinued abruptly to see it return but instead is tapered over time to a level of frequency that will ensure a healthy appearing skin with the added benefit of using a treatment that is safe to use long term.

Many patients’ and physicians’ expectations are misplaced when it comes to realistic treatment outcomes. While most infantile eczema is short-lived and most cases improve and or resolve by the age of 1 year, many patients have a form of eczema that is not outgrown and requires a treatment strategy that is tailored to that appropriate expectation. Dr. Van Wagoner provides treatment advice that is reasonable and does not promise results that are not achievable. Any physician that offers a cure or a quick fix when discussing atopic dermatitis is not providing his patients a truthful prognosis.

Most patients with difficulty controlling eczema are seen by their busy primary care doctor, allergist, or dermatologist. While the initial advice may be appropriate for the patient at the time of the visit, the inability to have timely follow-up leads to under and or overtreatment. Both of these situations can be frustrating and lead to poor compliance and or dangerous outcomes. Most providers are unable to follow up with a patient repetitively and in short order because of the busy demands of medical practice and the shortage of available doctors. Their medical practice schedules are just too busy to accommodate patients with chronic problems like atopic dermatitis that requires an intensive treatment follow-up schedule that can foster an effective but also, more importantly, a safe outcome.

Dr. Van Wagoner provides an online model that is revolutionary in its ability to see his follow-up patients routinely, and if necessary, as needed.  Our online model allows patients to easily and timely submit their follow-up reports and attach photos of their skin, all from the convenience of their home-  any time of the day or night. No more hassle in making appointments and missing school and work to attend these in-office visits. No more hassle in speaking to a front receptionist to find an appointment time that works for you.  With Dr. Wagoner, you can submit your follow-up report anytime you need. Dr. Van Wagoner provides his professional feedback typically within 3 business days. Effective outcomes are derived from a tailored approach that meets the needs of the patient and allows for on-the-spot changes that can keep a child and or adult from suffering when their eczema flares and or worsens.

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