What are the Pros and Cons of the Aron Regimen

I want to discuss some of the pros and cons of using the Aron Regimen.  

The Pros of using the Aron Regimen include the following:

  1. The Aron Regimen is a combined product of steroid, antibiotic and moisturizer that addresses the 3 major problems seen in atopic dermatitis-  inflammation, infection and dry skin. Most traditional therapies only address the inflammation with topical steroids.
  2. Instead of applying 3 products in series, patients are able to apply the combined product at one time-  saving time.
  3. By addressing the chronic infection that is seen in patients with atopic dermatitis, patients typically see results not typically seen with traditional therapy that only involves the use of topical steroids.  
  4. Online consultation platform allows patients to receive a professional consult within 1- 3 days of submitting a request for consultation.  Typical wait times to see an allergist and or dermatologist range between weeks to months.
  5. Online consultation platform allows patients to receive timely follow up;  most patients are followed up within 2-3 weeks of the initial consultation to insure improvement.  Subsequent follow ups are scheduled according to the patients individual response. Most traditional offices are not able to provide timely follow up, thus missing out on the opportunity for a tailored therapy to your individual case.  
  6. Medications utilized for the Aron Regimen are available in generic formulation and relatively inexpensive, even for patients without a medication insurance benefit.   
  7. The Aron Regimen uses a combination of products that allows us to use less topical steroids than traditional therapy, thus decreasing the change of steroid side effects.  By diluting the steroid with the combined use of the topical antibiotic and the topical moisturizer, patients are exposed to a dose of steroid that is 10-17 fold less than the use of neat or undiluted steroids that are the backbone of traditional therapy.  
  8. The Aron Regimen uses a reduction or weaning process that prevents the rebound worsening that is typically seen in patients that use traditional treatment approaches that recommend bursts of treatment and then medication holidays.  Such an approach is not helpful in chronic conditions like atopic dermatitis that needs ongoing treatment.
  9. Dr. Van Wagoner and Dr. Richard Aron have a tremendous history of treating patients with atopic dermatitis.  Together, we have seen more patients with atopic dermatitis than any other physician in the world. Our online practice focuses only on atopic dermatitis.  There is no other stand-alone or online practice that provides this full-time attention to the treatment of atopic dermatitis in the world.
  10. Dr. Van Wagoner offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee-  if you or your child is not significantly better after 3 months of using the instructed therapy, we will refund your money spent of the consultation fees.  No other practice can offer such a guarantee because no other practice has the resources and or experience to effectively manage atopic dermatitis like we can.  Granted, our treatment strategies are not effective 100% of the time, but we are willing to refund our patients that do not improve because we do not want the cost of our therapy to hinder one’s decision to try this life altering therapy.  

The Cons of using the Aron Regimen include the following:

  1. Using an online platform is not as familiar for most patients that are used to seeing a physician in person.  
  2. Using a physician that is located in a state where the patient does not live is not typical for patients that are used to seeing a provider that has an office in the same city.  
  3. Dr. Van Wagoner does not accept traditional health insurance.  Payment is made by debit or credit card only.
  4. Dr. Van Wagoner is not licensed in all states.  He is currently only licensed in about 25 states.  For those patients that live in states in which he is not licensed, the patient must get the approval and ultimately, prescription medications that are recommended from their own local provider.  This approval process is sometimes not easy as most physicians are not familiar with the Aron Regimen and not comfortable writing for a therapy that comes from a provider in another state.
  5. Dr. Van Wagoner uses a method of treatment that requires an ongoing treatment process that is meant to effectively control one’s chronic eczema.  Most patients are not comfortable with this concept of a chronic therapy and would rather use an as needed use method of treatment to treat their eczema.
  6. Some patients are concerned about topical steroid use.  They have used topical steroids in the past and have seen ineffective results, worsening of their condition or side effects from their use.  Typically the reason topical steroids have not worked for most patients is because the provider has not addressed the other issues critical in the effective management of chronic eczema-  namely, the coinfection that is seen in almost 100% of cases, the necessity of an ongoing therapy that provides timely adjustments, easy to follow instructions, timely follow up, and using a provider with superior experience in helping patients with severe eczema.  Most primary care doctors and dermatologist rarely see cases of severe eczema on a routine bases. Dr. Van Wagoner sees and effective treats multiple patients with severe eczema every day.
  7. Some patients are concerned about topical antibiotic use.  They are concerned about antibiotic resistance which is an issue when one becomes infected with a bacteria that is no longer sensitive to the topical antibiotic being used.  While this concern is legitimate it is rarely seen in clinical practice. Dr. Van Wagoner typically recommends a variety of treatment methods that helps eliminate and/or control the abnormal overgrowth of Staph Aureus infection.  But it must be plainly state: The benefit of using the topical antibiotic is the most important feature of the Aron Regimen. Without the topical antibiotic, the Aron Regimen would not be so effective- it would not stand out among all other traditional therapy.  The topical antibiotic and the ultimate control of the ever-present infection of the skin with Staph Aureus is the main reason we are able to experience the positive results we do every day.

Is the Aron Regimen Safe for Me?

Safety is an extremely important concern for any patient that uses a medical therapy. There are generally 2 opposite concerns when discussing safety and having a medical condition that needs medical attention.  On one side, there is the concern about the safety about the recommended therapy. On the other side, there is the opposite concern about the risks of not treating the medical therapy. Obviously, there are pros and cons to every decision we make about our health.  

I want to next focus on the 3 main fears about using the Aron Regimen- steroid resistance, antibiotic resistance and steroid side effects.  

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