Our Mission

The eczema journey can be difficult to navigate. Our mission at www.EczemaSpecialist.com is to ensure that you are equipped with the knowledge, products, and easy-to-follow process to help alleviate the symptoms of eczema and promote healthier skin.

The Aron Regimen®

Developed by Dr. Richard Aron, the Aron Regimen® is a revolutionary treatment that is not only effective in the treatment of chronic eczema, but it is also a relatively safe and economical alternative to other stronger and more skin-damaging protocols that is tailored as per patient's needs.

Patient Success

Every note of gratitude and every enthusiastic client who shares their before and after picture of how the Aron Regimen® has changed their lives is a reminder of how blessed we are to be able to provide such an amazing treatment. Click below to see our patient's testimonials.

Are you curious about online medical services? How is medical treatment provided via the internet?

Are prescription medications provided? Is the provider licensed in my state? How do I get my questions answered? What happens if I do not improve?

Watch as Dr. John van Wagoner discusses the benefits of using our online service.

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What is our mission at EczemaSpecialist.com?

  • Our mission at EczemaSpecialist.com is simple but profound.
  • Our mission is to change the world one patient at a time.
  • Our mission is lofty but not impossible to achieve.
  • Our mission is honorable and respectful.
  • Our mission has meaning and cannot be overstated.
  • Our mission is simply to bring healing to those adult and pediatric patients throughout the world that suffer from atopic dermatitis using a treatment strategy that is safe, effective, and efficient.



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