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Why Use Dr. John Van Wagoner, Eczema Specialist


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Eczema using the Aron Regimen!

We Are Experts in the Aron Regimen of Treatment
We work in close association with Dr. Richard Aron, the world-renowned eczema specialist from South Africa who has brought healing to thousands of patients with the Aron Regimen of Treatment.

We are the official resource for all patients requesting The Aron Regimen in the United States and are experienced in all aspects of its application to patients of all ages.


Quick and Easy Access
It’s easy! Just create an account, describe the problem & attach pictures of your condition. You can get started right here, right now. Get Started Now.

Access online or from any mobile device 24/7/365.

Diagnosis and treatment plan provided to you in 4 days or less in most situations.

Our treatment plans are thorough and provided to you in an easy step by step process.

If you live in the State of Texas, New York, New Jersey, California, Florida, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Virginia or Michigan, we will send in the recommended medication prescriptions to your local pharmacy for you to obtain.


If you live outside the State of Texas, New York, New Jersey, California, Florida, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Virginia, Michigan or in another country, you will need to discuss this entire treatment plan with your primary care provider. You will also need to have your primary care provider provide the recommended medication prescriptions that we recommend for you.  Please DO NOT sign up with our service if you believe that your primary care provider will not approve the treatment plan and more importantly approve and provide the recommended medication prescriptions that you will need. NO REFUNDS are provided if you are unable to get the medication prescriptions converted by your own local primary care provider.



Respected Medical Experts
Dr. John Van Wagoner is a board-certified eczema specialist and the leading authority on The Aron Regimen in the U.S.

Dedicated to patient-centered, top-quality care.

We see patients of all ages, from newborns to elderly.

Each patient’s case is personally viewed and completed by Dr. Van Wagoner.


Lower Costs, Fewer Worries
You have more important things to do than worry about your difficult to control eczema.

Get a professional diagnosis and treatment plan from the comfort of your home.

Less time lost from work or school for sick days.

Less money wasted on medications that fail.

Greater peace of mind.

Freedom Matters
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