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Now is the time to find freedom from your eczema! Follow these few simple steps to begin the consultation process:

  1. Select either New Patient Consultation or Follow Up Consultation below
  2. Provide your name and valid email address on the next page
    • If requesting a Follow Up Consultation, use the same name and email you used in your initial New Patient Consultation request
  3. Complete the request form
  4. Complete the PayPal payment form for the consultation fee
      • The New Patient Consultation fee is $200 USD
      • The Follow Up Consultation fee is $50 USD*
  5. That’s it! Within 3 business days you will receive an email notification requesting that you log in to the secure portal. Once you log in to the portal, you will be able to review and/or print your completed consultation. Your completed consultation will include a professional diagnosis of your condition, some general recommendations on the management of eczema and a customized treatment plan. Necessary medication prescriptions will be sent to your local pharmacy if you reside in the United States.

*Be advised that ALL first-time patients must complete the New Patient Consultation form and pay the New Patient Consultation fee. Applicants who submit the Follow Up Consultation form without a history of having completed the new patient process will be asked to resubmit as new patients and will be charged the New Patient Consultation fee.

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