Dr. John Van Wagoner Eczema Specialist

Freedom from Eczema Is Possible

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Dr. John Van Wagoner Eczema Specialist

Freedom from Eczema
Is Possible

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Dr. John Van Wagoner Eczema Specialist

Freedom from Eczema
Is Possible

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Relief is Here: A Revolutionary Treatment for Chronic Eczema

Dr. John Van Wagoner is a Board Certified eczema specialist dedicated to bringing healing to adult and pediatric patients with difficult to control eczema. Get a Professional Diagnosis from an experienced eczema specialist. Get a Customized Treatment Plan that is specifically formulated for your eczema condition. Get Freedom from your eczema with a Simple, Safe and Proven treatment program. Dr. John Van Wagoner is an expert in The Aron Regimen – a revolutionary and effective treatment program for difficult to control or chronic eczema.

We are currently able to send valid medication prescriptions to the following locations: Texas, Michigan, United Kingdom and Western/Eastern Europe. If you live in one of these previously listed areas, you will not need to consult with your own local provider to obtain the recommended medication prescriptions for your treatment.


Get Started Today. Get Freedom from your
Eczema using the Aron Regimen!

“This treatment has given my son a sense of normalcy. It truly had given him his life back.”

– Sallee R.

“I have had eczema since December 2015. At first it was out of control, and was in the hospital 10 times since for infection, swelling and severe chronic redness. I am currently taking Xolair. It doesn’t really seem to work. My eczema is on my face, my neck, my arms and some on my legs. I need rescuing!! May 2017

Yes, the Aron Regime has been a total godsend.

– Roland S.

“This therapy is remarkable. My life is normal, I feel normal, and the occasional flare-ups are controlled easily with the compound. I’m so thankful for Dr. Van Wagoner and Dr. Aron and this functional method to aid in the healing of atopic dermatitis.”

– Elise R.

“Jillian’s rigorous routine of bleach baths, wet wrapping and the countless pile of steroids and creams are a thing of the past! She is a thriving 11 year-old that is able to run and play and continues to be eczema free. Thank you … you have saved our daughter’s life!”

– Shari Brooks Kerr

“We began treatment 2 months ago, and Orion’s life has improved dramatically. He can go out in public, he can play with other kids, he sleeps through the night, and he can even eat a normal diet. Thank you … for changing our lives.”

– Nury Morales

“Since starting … treatment my 9 year-old daughter has stayed out of hospital and has been going to school every day for one whole year since the start of treatment.”

– Ruth Makin

“His treatment is so easy to follow even for busy moms like me.”

– Lynn Abiera Coronel